Equine Layup Facilities

Equine Layup Facilities

Your Horse’s Journey to Recovery.

At Legacy Farms we provide the perfect environment for your horse on its journey towards health and recovery. With over 24 years of experience in equine healing, we are more than qualified in helping horses overcome their ailments and return to health. Here in Ocala we have numerous first-class Veterinary Hospitals to work with, so no matter the issue, we can find the best Veterinarian for your horse.

We primarily work with Dr. Lynn Bull of the Ocala Equine Clinic, where there are some of the best veterinary surgeons Florida has to offer. With an extensive background in veterinary medicine and equine rehabilitation, Dr. Bull provides the extra help we need to get your horse healthy and back on the track again.


“Watching horses heal and bloom back to health is such a thrill. We get them healthy in mind and body ready to go back to work.”

-Bettina Gates Stevens, Founder



What is a Layup Farm?

In horse terminology, the term “layup” refers to the rehabilitation of a horse after sustaining an injury, having gone through a surgery, or falling ill. Choosing a layup farm for your horse can be a great alternative to your traditional boarding stable if you feel your horse needs some extra time and care to recover from their current or recent ailments. Exceptional layup facilities focus on providing horses with the healthy open environment they need to recover with ease, and Legacy Farm is no exception.



Horses Need Vacations Too

Horses need vacations too, you know. We’re talking about those horses that have campaigned a little too hard and just need some rest and relaxation. We have individual Paddocks for them with shelters and shade trees so they can truly relax, have a nice vacation, and enjoy being spoiled. Our specialty! Sometimes a horse needs a mental break as much as a physical break from their job just like us. If this sounds like a horse you know, let us know- we’ll help book the getaway.


Guiding your Horse to Health

At Legacy Farm we believe that a happy horse is a healthy horse. Guiding an injured horse back to health is no simple task, but with years of experience of equine rehabilitation under our belt, we make sure to give our horses the individual attention they need to recover both physically and spiritually. We understand that all horses must be happy in order to fully recover, and as a result, we take every aspect of their lives into account when creating a positive, healthy environment for them to start their journey to health.

Treatment Process & Layup Facilities

After years of treating horses, we believe that every journey to recovery starts with a keen eye and just a little patience. With a lot of observation and carefully listening to the horse, we get to the bottom of the problem and start our treatment as soon as possible. As a small, specialized farm, we pride ourselves on providing an individual approach to each horse and their needs. During treatment, we make sure to keep the owner updated on their horse’s recovery progress as frequently as needed. Additionally, we take care of all pre and postoperative cases and have a horse van on-premises in case of emergencies. Our amenities include:

  • A beautiful 12 stall barn
  • 2 Large turn-out pastures
  • 4 Individual turn-out paddocks
  • 2-3 horse paddocks
  • Group turn-out
  • Feeding stalls for each pasture & paddock
  • Shelter for each pasture & paddock


Our Success with Eastern Medicine

On our farm there is nothing more important to us than the health and well-being of our horses. As a result, we are open to taking a more natural, holistic approach to medicine. By working with Dr. Carlos Zamorra and Chi University, we have managed to achieve stellar results through the use of Eastern medicine, acupuncture, and herbal remedies. Watch my conversation with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Carlos Zamora as we discuss his experience working with one of his clients horse:  Owner Mr Pat Parreli

Learn More About Our Healing Process

Please watch my conversation with Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Carlos Zamora as we discuss his experience working with one of his horses.

Visit Your Horse

Owners are not only welcomed but encouraged to visit at any time! We understand that special bond you have with your horse, so we’d be happy to have you stay and spend some quality time with them! If you plan on visiting, we offer our clients free housing for their stay with us; amenities included. Our housing features a cozy 2 bed/2 bath guest house including a full kitchen, free WiFi & TV, and a king-sized collapsible daybed. If you’re worried you can’t visit too often, we can provide regular picture updates so you can stay in-touch with your favorite horse.

Disclaimer: We are NOT a bed and breakfast.

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