Retired Horse Care and Boarding

Retired Horse Care and Boarding

Retirement for that Special Horse

Every horse owner eventually faces the day where they realize it might be time to retire their horse. We know retiring your horse can be a hard decision to make, we’re just here to help make it a little bit easier. When considering retiring your horse we know you need to be reassured that your family member is being treated with love and respect. Well don’t worry, pampering is a given here. You will receive regular updates and tons of pictures so you can stay in touch with your special companion. All needs will be met with the love and compassion your horse has rightfully earned.


Luxury, Love & Pampering

Didn’t invest in your horse’s 401k? We’ve got you covered.

We provide quality boarding for horses of all ages. Think of it less of a retirement home and more of a luxury resort. We have beautiful large lush pastures with large sheds where they can live together in relaxation. All horses are fed individually twice a day and given all the time they need to eat up which is especially important for our senior horses.  In case of cold weather, all horses are blanketed or brought into the barn.  As with all horses, all medical and special nutritional needs are met.  We also are big on carrot treats!

Spend Quality Time with Your Horse

Owners are not only welcomed, but encouraged to visit at any time! We understand that special bond you have with your horse, so we’d be happy to have you stay and spend some quality time with them! If you plan on visiting, we offer our clients free housing for their stay with us; amenities included. Our housing features a cozy 2 bed/2 bath guest house including a full kitchen, free WiFi & TV, and a king-sized collapsible daybed. If you’re worried you can’t visit too often, we can provide regular picture updates so you can stay in-touch with your favorite horse.

Disclaimer: We are NOT a bed and breakfast.


Meet the Manager

Introducing Kate Dovey, our trusted Farm Manager.

Kate has worked with us for over 14 years and has proven herself to be a key member of the farm through her years of hard work and loyalty. Kate has traveled the world racing and managing top-class horses having gone to England, Switzerland, Singapore, and Japan, all to follow her dream of working with horses. She has even raced at Royal Ascot for renowned horse tycoon Robert Sangster. Her knowledge and understanding of the equine mind, body, and spirit are unparalleled. With 30 years of experience under her belt, and her astute attention to detail, we still have yet to discover what she can’t do.

We truly are lucky to have her.

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