Horse Boarding: Weanlings & Yearlings

Horse Boarding: Weanlings & Yearlings

Raising your Future Champion

The first couple of years of a horse’s life is critical to ensure success for their future. Fortunately, we specialize in boarding Weanlings and Yearlings as well as Lay-ups and Retirement horses. Having raised hundreds of weanlings and yearlings, I know that I have the knowledge and experience to handle all of their needs. When leaving your horse with us, we do our best to assure that they will grow to be the healthy, happy horse they deserve to be.


“One of the most important things about raising young horses is proper nutrition and handling. I believe we have that down to a science here at Legacy Farm.”

-Bettina Gates Stevens, Founder



Diet, Training, & Nutrition

When raising young horses, it is essential to provide them with the proper diet, adequate nutrition, and a safe, open environment. Here at Legacy Farms we cover all these bases and provide daily handling, teaching them all the basics like standing for the blacksmith, being lead, and having a bath. We do this so they can leave here as well-mannered individuals ready to start training when the day comes. We also work closely with the vet and blacksmith to ensure any and all conformation issues are corrected as much as possible. Whether you’re getting young horses ready to train or prepping them for the sales ring, we’ll be here to take care of that for you. 


Disclaimer: I am sorry we no longer do Breeding Mares or foaling out. Nor do we provide Stall or Paddock rentals.

Learn More About Our Healing Process

Watch my conversation with Mayan, the barn assistant for Pat Parelli’s Parelli Natural Horsemanship as we discuss her experience working with one of his horses:

A Farmer’s Proverb

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

-Benjamin Franklin


Since it was first said in 1736, farmers across the nation had adopted this phrase and passed it down through generations. Over the years this saying has become a commonly used proverb shared amongst those in animal husbandry as a reminder to prioritize the health and immunity of your animals. We stand by this proverb, and as experienced farmers, we do our best to take the right preventative measures when it comes to keeping a horse healthy and disease-free.  


Building Immunity & Avoiding Disease

One of the most common diseases among young horses, Epiphysitis (or Physitis), can lead to swollen growth plates as their bones develop. If not treated properly, Epiphysitis can lead to the development of Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD). Horses that are affected by OCD are subject to abnormal growth of cartilage in their joints that can detach and form “flaps” of loose cartilage. Too much physical exertion, over-training, and frequent exercise often causes further complications and cartilage detachments. This can result in inflamed, irritated joints that are prone to arthritis. OCD can affect horses of any breed and can be caused by poor nutrition, high-energy diets, hormonal imbalances, untreated injuries, and inherited genes.

The following issues are often a result of poor diet and overfeeding, however with daily observation and proper diet, we are able to avoid this problem. Most of my weanlings and yearlings are sent to me from cold-weather states like New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Illinois. This way these young horses have the freedom to run and play together to help build strong bones and socialize in our perfect winter weather.


Visit Your Horse

Owners are not only welcomed, but encouraged to visit at any time! We understand that special bond you have with your horse, so we’d be happy to have you stay and spend some quality time with them! If you plan on visiting, we offer our clients free housing for their stay with us; amenities included. Our housing features a cozy 2 bed/2 bath guest house including a full kitchen, free WiFi & TV, and a king-sized collapsible daybed. If you’re worried you can’t visit too often, we can provide regular picture updates so you can stay in-touch with your favorite horse.

Disclaimer: We are NOT a bed and breakfast.

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